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The Gilmore’s Groin (Groin Disruption) syndrome was first recognised in 1980, following the successful treatment of three professional footballers who had been unable to play for many months because of undiagnosed injuries of the groin. Although some people refer to it as a Sportmen’s Hernia there is no true hernia present. Groin disruption (Gilmore’s Groin) is a severe musculo-tendinous injury of the groin, which can be successfully treated by the surgical restoration of normal anatomy.

The condition has also become known amongst other things as sports hernia, sportsman’s groin, footballers groin, footballers hernia and athletic pubalgia.

The pathology of groin disruption found at operation is varied, however, the main features include: 

  • Torn external oblique aponeurosis
  • Torn conjoined tendon
  • Conjoined tendon torn from pubic tubercle
  • Dehiscence between conjoined tendon and inguinal ligament

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