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What you always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.

Jerry Gilmore explains the condition and treatment he pioneered

Jerry Gilmore talks about the busiest 3 times a year when he sees most patients !

Jerry Gilmore explains that is more down to the individual's lifestyle when people choose Groin reconstruction.

Why Gilmore's groin occurs mostly in men.

You would be surprised its not just footballers and rugby players that suffer most !

Why Gilmore's Groin is not really a Hernia.

Gilmore's Groin surgery is not just a temporary repair, its a proper reconstruction.


Simon Marsh explains the Gilmore's Groin operation.

Why choosing the right procedure is very important and why a hernia operation doesnt fix the problem.

Simon Marsh explains the various terms you may hear and how they relate to Gilmore's Groin.


Simon Marsh explains what Pubic Bone Stress really is and how to fix it.

Simon Marsh explains why Core Strength is so important.

Things you need to do to prepare for your Groin operation.

Things you need to do to after your Groin operation. Our 4 stage Rehabilitation guide.

Simon Marsh explains why discovering the real cause of Hip pain is very important.

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