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The Gilmore Groin and Hernia Clinic specialises in the management of men and women with sports related groin and adductor injuries. The clinic is structured for the rapid assessment of Gilmore’s Groin Disruption Syndrome and Hernia of all types.

Gilmore' Groin

If you suffer from a severe musculo-tendinous injury of the groin. The formal repair is now known as the Marsh Modification of the Gilmore Technique.

Osteitis Pubis

For those that suffer from lower abdominal and / or pelvis pain (typically towards the middle of the pelvis) also known as “pubic bone stress injury”.


Your hernia can start off being painless, causing slight discomfort or could be painful. Eventually they tend to get larger with time and can make it difficult to undertake normal activities.

Adductor Injuries

If you suffer from a sudden sharp pain in the inside of your thigh or discomfort while walking or stretching or moving you may want to check for an adductor injury.

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