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Your nurse will review your dressing, and if required, change it before you go home.

You will be seen by the physiotherapist usually the morning after your operation. They will demonstrate the exercises outlined in the 4-week rehabilitation program.

Our nurse will give you an appointment card with the details of your next consultation with the Surgeon at 108 Harley Street. Generally, this is 3-4 weeks after your operation.

Your wound site will be covered with steri-strips and a dry, adhesive dressing on top of that. Please try and leave the dressing dry and intact for 72 hours after you leave hospital. After this, you can remove the adhesive dressing, leaving the steri-strips exposed. You can choose to remove these a week after your operation, otherwise they will usually come away by themselves.

The stitches are dissolvable and do not need removing.

Although wound infection is rare, you should still be aware of any changes to the wound site and surrounding areas. Things to look out for include: your wound becoming very red or hot to touch; increase in swelling and tenderness (some swelling and bruising is normal); offensive-smelling discharge (pus) from the wound site or if you’re generally feeling unwell with a raised temperature, please contact the nursing staff at 108 Harley Street during business hours on 0207 563 1234. For out of hours enquiries please contact the The Weymouth Street Hospital 020 7935 1200

It’s quite safe to get your wound damp (not wet) after the 3rd day following your surgery; the dressing covering your wound is mostly waterproof, although soaking your wound in a bath, or swimming, is not recommended for 2 weeks.

Please follow the Rehabilitation Program as outlined by your physiotherapist.

You may drive a car when you feel comfortable; generally this is about 7-10 days after your operation. No heavy lifting for 4 weeks. For groin patients, it is advisable to wear supportive underwear for at least 2 weeks following surgery, eg: ‘boxershort-style’ underwear; this helps prevent swelling to the scrotum, penis and surrounding areas which minimises discomfort.

  • Paracetamol: Two tablets every 4-6 hours when required.
  • Arthrotec: One tablet twice a day for one week. (Take with/after food).
  • Dihydrocodeine: Two tablets every 4-6 hours when necessary for severe pain.

*Your nurse should go over medications with you prior to your discharge, as these exact medications are not always the one’s given on discharge*

NB. Dihydrocodeine can cause constipation in some patients. Should this occur, a light laxative such as Milpar, is recommended.

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